How to maintain fiber cement board? Fiber cement board is strong and designed to hold up under extreme climates where intense sunlight, moisture or wind is common. Fiber cement sheet is also resistant to fire, insects, rotting and moisture. Fiber cement panel doesn’t require painting. Cement Boards can be colored at the factory to suit your design needs. […]

Calcium Silicate Sheet / Panels is alternative name of Calcium Silicate Board Calcium Silicate Sheet offers amazing benefits in safety, reliability, fireproof, waterproof and impact resistance. Advance technology: This world-class calcium silicate board manufacturer was granted the British Royal Outstanding Technology and Export Award, and possesses superlative technology and a century of fire-resistant building material manufacturing experience. Safety: […]

How To Cut Cement Board? Carbide-tipped scoring knife, utility knife and cutting shears (manual, electric or pneumatic) are best choice for cutting Fiber Cement Board.   1. Measure the size you need. 2. draw the line on the surface of board 3. cut along the line you drew For more information about Fiber Cement Board, […]

Fiber cement board are composed of cement, silica sand and wood pulp. Reinforced fiber cement products such as fiber cement board are manufactured using the ‘Hatscheck Process’.  The Hatsheck process was initially developed for the production of asbestos composites, but it is now used for the manufacture of non-asbestos, cellulose fiber reinforced cement composites. In the Hatscheck Process, […]

Is magnesium oxide board problems free? Magnesium Oxide Boards are made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, wood fiber, perlite and others. all the raw material don’t contain any harmful substances. Magnesium oxide board health problems free Magnesium Oxide Wallboard contains no VOCs, formaldehyde, asbestos, silica dust or other harmful ingredients, and it will not grow […]

MGO Panels are a new kind of green fireproof building material with attractive many features: MGO panels offer amazing features in fireproof, moisture-resistant, soundproof, waterproof, easy installation. Fireproof – Tested to BS476 part 4 1970 and is non-combustible (similar to US & Canada / US ASTM E136 – non combustible) Moisture-resistant – Excellent moisture-resistant ability Soundproof – Good noise […]

What is Mgo Board? Mgo Boards are new proprietary, patented composite building material primarily made from Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride, with additional natural mineral components and palm fiber filler, sandwiched between fine fiberglass mesh. Magnesium Oxide Board offers amazing features in fireproof, moisture-resistant, soundproof, waterproof, easy installation. Fireproof – Tested to BS476 part 4 1970 […]

The fiber cement board manufacturing process also makes use of autoclave technology. In autoclave technology, polymer based composites are manufactured by applying intense heat and pressure to eliminate moisture from fibre cement materials.  This leads to composite consolidation and the result is an extremely strong and robust fibre composite material. For more information about Fiber […]

How do I fasten fiber cement board to my structure? Fiber cement sheet is installed with corrosion-resistant nails, preferably a galvanized hot tipped nail and screw.  Fiber cement sheet cannot be stapled to a wood or steel structure. Make sure not to sink the nail heads – they should be flush with the surface of the siding.  When attached fiber […]

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